I grew up in small town Iowa. Yes, I'm a midwest girl. Yes, I lived in the midst of cornfields. I have been to the Field Of Dreams and the Bridges Of Madison County. No, I didn't live on a farm or own cows or pigs. I attended ISU where I applied to and was accepted into the College of Design Graphics Program. I loved growing up in Iowa. I met my husband there, but it's not where we wanted to live the remainder of our lives.


We visited friends in Oregon many times over a 10 year period before we decided to move. We've been here now for over 6 years. We love the mountains and the ocean. Oregon offers up an endless supply beauty and wonder. As a creative, it doesn't take much effort to find inspiration here.

Just For Fun

Everyone has outlets. Things that they do for fun and to relax. These things are the reason we go to work everyday. First and foremost, family is priority. I have an amazing husband, a beautiful daughter, and two sweet ol' dogs. I enjoy photography, good beer, camping, cooking, motorcycles, and making fun cakes.

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